Date:April 07, 2013

Drilling core visualization from X-ray Micro-CT using CUDA

GPU Visualization of drilling cores obtained by X-ray microtomography using CUDA.

Category: Oil Industry Applications

Technologies: Drilling core visualization, CUDA, GPU, VTK.


The next figure shows a volume rendering obtained with an NVidia GPU GT525M of 96 cores, hosted on my Dell laptop. In the top of the figure a performance of 53.4 frames per second is reported. We are using Ray Casting.

As database we are using the cube brique_02v2c300of of dimensions 300x300x300, obtained by micro-CT, with 2 micron resolution, this cube can be downloaded at the following link:


drilling core visualization text 1

The next figure shows again the same cube, using a visualization pipeline based on VTK.

The differences between the two views lies in:

  1. The color palette used in the first figure was constructed from 9 colors, sub sampled from the color palette used in the second figure with 256 colors.
  2. The perspective in the first figure is stronger than in the second figure.
  3. Lighting conditions.


All the conditions can be matched and get exactly the same result.

drilling core visualization text 2

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