Date:January 30, 2013

NeuroPancea Version 1 in Youtube

Electromagnetic Neuronavigator NeuroPanacea for frameless neurosurgery.

Category: Surgical Navigation
Technologies: 3D Registration, Fuzzy Classification, Electromagnetic positioning, DICOM files, Three-dimensional reconstruction, C++, C#, VTK, ITK, DCMTK.


New Electromagnetic Neuronavigator designed for computer assisted surgery without the use of stereotaxic frame. The videos of this post are property of Dr. Ivan Jara.

Brain endoscopy guided by Panacea Neuronavigator.

Novel Electromagnetic Neuronavigator NeuroPanacea.

Brain endoscopy guided by Panacea Neuronavigator.

Brain biopsy and endoscopy guided by NeuroPanacea.

Sacral epiduroscopy guided by electromagnetic neuronavigator NeuroPanacea.


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