3D Reconstruction of Prostate from Ultrasound Images

Three-dimensional modeling of the prostate performed prior to a surgery procedure of brachytherapy.
Category: Computer Assisted Surgery
Technologies: Cubic Splines, 3D Modeling, SVM.
Prostate brachytherapy is a surgical procedure where a specialist is assisted by a Medical Physicist to perform computations. The delineation of the prostate is a part of the activity performed by the Medical Physicist as a preliminary step to the computation of the radioactive seeds. The computation of the position and intensity of the seeds is performed to satisfy the dose planning which is defined by the surgeon.
This project is part of the three-dimensional modeling of the prostate. This modeling process is different to that used in the traditional equipments for dose planning. The following figure shows the ultrasound probe used to take a set of cuts of the prostate which are shown at the right of the figure.

The next figure shows the manual delineation of the prostate and urethra made by the medical physicist, using cubic splines.

This next figure shows, on the left, the spline curves in the 3D space, and on the right the 3D model of the prostate obtained from an algorithm based on a Support Vector Machine (SVM).

Finally, the next figure shows, in the left, the 3D model of the prostate together with one of the cuts obtained by ultrasound. In the right, this figure shows the software designed for this project.

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