Diagnosis of Cementation Processes in the Oil Industry

Diagnose of the cementation quality in boreholes of the same oilfield.
Category: Computer Assisted Diagnosis (Oil Industry)
Technologies: Support Vector Machine (SVM) based Clustering Algorithm, SVM classifier, C++, 2D Visualization.
Cementation is the process of filling with a special cement the separation between the casing and the rock formation. This process is evaluated with an ultrasonic tool called CBL-VDL, which generates the first two logs shown in the figure, the third log is produced by another tool that measures the acoustic impedance between the casing and bonding cement. A clustering algorithm based on SVM machines (from the University of Massachusetts-Lowell) is used to obtain the relevant patterns (classified patterns), these patterns are validated by experts and become knowledge templates. Knowledge templates are used as inputs to a SVM classifier. This classifier is used to diagnose the cementation quality in this borehole and other boreholes of the same field. The last log of the figure is the result of the diagnosis process.

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