DLIS Reader

File reader for the Petrotechnical Open Software Corporation (POSC) standard DLIS,
Category: Oil Industry Application
Technologies: C++, C#.
RP66 V1 protocol adopted by API “American Petroleum Institute” in 1991 is a standard for exchanging digital data for exploration and production. This standard provides the general syntax for coding scientific data and this framework applies to oil records. The result of this application is called DLIS, an acronym for “Digital Log Interchange Standard”. According to the published patent www.freepatentsonline.com/6519568.html a central server can communicate with multiple sites and display data in real time in response to a command. Then the standard RP66 V2 was created, as a need to remove limitations of the first version. In our experience, we found that all records provided by the industry are in the format DLIS V1, so that the reader described herein provides 100% of requirements. This plugin was tested with 63 DLIS files, it worked successfully with 60 files. The other three were found that did not meet the standard RP66 V1.

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