Reader/Writer for Oil Well Logging

LAS 3.0 Reader/Writer plugin and well logs viewer, for plot logs, image logs and 3D logs.
Category: Oil Industry Application
Technologies: C++, C#.
Plugin for reading, writing and visualizing well logs in the formats LAS3.0. Our software meets the needs of the oil industry and automatically reads well logs from all companies.
Our software provides a method for the calibration of well logs containing signals and images. Once an industrial user reads and calibrates a well log, and stores this calibration, all subsequent well logs with the same “Type”, “Mnemonic” and “Company” are deployed automatically without recalibrating. With our system the user learns to design your own color palettes to display images and also learn to copy the color palettes of any service company.
In short, our system provides an extremely important provision for the automatic reading of all well logs of signals and images, our system saves time and reduces operating stress of the user.
The following figure allows us to compare the deployment of our system against the deployment of Halliburton Company. There is a great similarity between the two deployments. To the left is the cementing well log processed by Halliburton and at the right same well log processed by our system.

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