Web Interface based on a 3D globe

Web Interface based on a 3D globe, for the deployment of a menu supported by images.
Category: Web 3D.
Technologies: AS3 language, Papervision 3D, Particles system.
The 3D Web has evolved from strange ideas to navigate sites using 3D to large projects. Many formats and tools are available. The application shown is running in a window of Adobe Flash Player which takes up the entire screen. The application was developed in AS3 language, and was used Papervision3D API. A particle system was used to manipulate the disintegration and reintegration of the images from a planar arrangement to an spherical final disposition. The sphere has the capacity to house four images on its circumference but when it rotates can accommodate any number of images, we use 13 images in this demonstration. The tool shown is only one element for selection and display, which can be used in any application.

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